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Welcome To Canadian Freebie World ! The Place For Canadian Freebies

Come Look Around Grab All The Freebies You Want And Most Of All, HAVE FUN !

i will no longer be updating this website due to lack of time i dont have as much time now to keep up with the site or the html coding to use the site its simpler for me to blog it with the amount of pc time i have a day I will keep this site up as many freeebies are on going but feel free to visit me on my blog

corrine's corner

where i will be posting freebies, craft ideas, coupon and frugal tips and much more, also feel free to join my yahoo group

canadian freebies N' more

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please sign my guest book i enjoy reading your coments and sujestions also if you please pinpoint yourself on my map so i can see where everyone that visits my site is from

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if you would like to add my banner to your site please save this banner by right clicking on the image and choose save as dont directly link this image PLEASE or steal it as your own it is my own add the code to the image please put a html code to do this please folow instructions on your server or you can consolt the folowing website here yes its a kids website but still very useful to use for html coding look under How do I make hyperlink images? and copy her code and replace the webadress with mined and copy the file name down cfw_banner.JPG or cfw_banner2.JPG depending wich one you pick NOTE: the jpg must stay as captial letters or it will not work when you save the image keep the orgnal file name for this way to work if you do change the file name just replace my file name with whatever you rename it.please send me your banner and link or just the link so i can add it to this site

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these awards were free for the taking mostly i put these ones up to make the site look pretty....LOL

The No-Evil Family-Site Award Pooh's Award for an Active Web Page Not Boring Site Award Excellence Award

this one i recived from night owl on 11/21/2008 my very first award i earned thank you night owl :)

recived this one on 12/03/08 from Sarit

this one i recived from my sister lenora as she presented to me for a job well done and helping others and i guess posting freebies is helping others in a way

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